Ultimate Die for your best Products "Tokyo-ACE"


We have started operation on 1961 and manufacturing mainly cold heading die, cold forging die and pressing die.

Since long, we have recognized a hidden possibility of Tungsten Carbide and by using electrical discharge machine, we have utilized it as a Die material and piled up our processing experience and technology for precision hole, variant shape, deep hole and mirror finish(lapping).
So we know a limit of electrical discharge machine very well.
We have been hoping to develop a new process some day because electrical discharge process productivity is bad as it must produce terminals in advance and cast by discharge energy.

After a long time of trial, on 2011 we have finally succeeded to make mass production of die, as the first company in the world ? by machining center direct caving to Tungsten Carbide without using lapping process.

Continuously we have proceeded our study to widen the possibility of mass production of die, finally succeeded about curved shape, large diameter size and deep hole ones.

A photo on the right, big size of die, we are producing by direct carving.
Currently we are manufacturing punches for electric contacts, rivet,
and many precise components, monthly 500 to 700 pieces.

Tokyo-ACE 1 ( First Generation)

We believe our die technology should be improved forever.
A material technology development is also an important theme.
Therefore we have named current Tungsten Carbon Die as 『”Tokyo-ACE” 1 (The first generation)』

Tokyo-ACE 1 ( First Generation) Strong points

            1. Long Life :      More than 1.5 times longer than traditional process.
            2. Short Lead Time :      About One Fifth(1/5) of traditional process.
            3. Low Cost
            4. High precision :        Stable µ accuracy quality.

[Die manufacturing technology]

【Traditional Technology】 Electrode production for EDM + EDM + Lapping process

【Tokyo-ACE】 Machining Process only

            1. Direct carving forming by Machining Center cutting.
            2. Finishing a surface to mirror surface by Machining Center process,eliminate lapping process.
            3. Mass production dies by Machining center 24 hours unattended operation.

About Diamond tool for Tungsten Carbide process

The variety of Diamond tools which processes Hard-to-cut material are Mounted wheel, DIA coating cutting tool, Polycrystalline diamond(PCD) tool and Single sintered diamond tool.
In order to process Tungsten Carbide, most adequate technology should be selected for each Shape, Objective and Application.

In our company , in the case of direct carve a tungsten carbide with size accuracy ±0.005, fundamentally, Mounted wheel is used for roughing process, DIA coating cutting tool is used for medium finish process, Polycrystalline Diamond(PCD) too is used for finishing

The reason of above is we have judged a Mounted wheel is a little difficult to handle as finishing tool, from a tool size maintenance point of view.
DIA coating cutting tool can realize almost mirror surface finish depend on process condition but difficult to use as a finishing tool because of tool life and quality un-stability specially caused by coating tool.
To overcome those difficulty, Polycrystalline Diamond(PCD) is used as finishing tool because it is better to use comparatively stable to control size and mirror surface.

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